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Global electricity distribution networks are becoming more stressed as more low-carbon technologies such as renewable generation, heat pumps and electric vehicles are connected to the network. This drives the requirement to improve the monitoring of the Low Voltage (LV) network to enable its optimal management.

In electricity networks which are experiencing peak demand growth, network operators frequently install remotely monitored LV current sensors to locate current capacity limits and hence prioritize capital-intensive network reinforcement.

To address this need Sentec developed a patented current sensor called SlimSensor, which can be retrofitted to existing networks without interruption of supply to enable remote electricity network monitoring. Sentec’s Rogowski SlimSensor is characterized by its practicality and simplicity of installation.

Over many years our UK customer feedback has been that the usability and ease of installation is superior to rope Rogowski current sensors.

  • SlimSensor’s unique pre-formed shape and clip design significantly reduce the installation time compared with rope Rogowski sensors.
  • The cable exit from SlimSensor points in the direction of the load, providing an easy cue for the installer to install the sensor in the correct orientation on the cable, reducing the chance of fitting it backwards.

Compared to a typical rope Rogowski current sensor, SlimSensor has:

  • 3 x greater signal output
  • 10 x better immunity
  • 1% accuracy in any orientation
  • Ability to be installed with one hand

SlimSensor has significantly superior immunity to external currents and is not affected by any physical deformation that might occur when installing in tight bundles of cables, compared to rope Rogowski sensors. This means that, unlike rope Rogowski’s, the installed accuracy and field performance continue to exceed the nominal specifications for real world installations.

The product is suitable for a number of applications such as outdoor substations, LV cabinets and indoor transformers. In addition, it is suitable to directly mount onto LV machinery and equipment.

To date, over 10,000 SlimSensors have been installed by a number of large UK network operators to monitor their LV networks, demonstrating that SlimSensor is a robust, reliable and accurate solution for LV network monitoring. SlimSensor is yet to be exploited in global applications outside the UK.

A full product development process is provided for the product and its manufacture. Successful licensees will receive a full technology and manufacturing transfer package. The technology is protected by 15 patents and has an established market in the UK, with the opportunity to expand worldwide.

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