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Date Added: 24.02.2020
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Sentec has substantial experience in developing equipment for electrical networks. This includes fiscal meters using innovative current sensors, high accuracy DC current monitoring, substation remote monitoring, energy management controllers, circuit breaker design and low energy activation circuit breakers.

Sustainability and regulatory change is a driver for many of our client based projects. Electrical generation and distribution is undergoing its largest change since its beginning in the 1880s. Sentec is at the forefront in helping companies develop new technologies to help manage electrical distribution. An example is through licensing of our patented technology solutions, providing GridKey substation monitoring with our partner Lucy Electric or through dedicated technology innovation and engineering for our clients.

Two particular trends stand out and are poised to impact the electrical network:
Firstly, the rise of Electrical Vehicles (EV) and the increased energy consumption that will follow. This will place significant strain on the electrical grids, perhaps doubling peak power demand. Managing this will require more monitoring and control of various elements in the generation and distribution network. We foresee an increased demand for precise metering and sub-metering, an area that Sentec has pioneered with a number of licensable technologies.

The second trend is the continuing growth of solar and wind energy. These are now generally the cheapest way of manufacturing electricity – driving and accelerating installation of renewable generating capacity. In some countries renewable energy has already overtaken fossil fuel alternatives. The less predictable nature of renewable energy generation will further strain the grids and the demand for storage capacity will continue to increase.

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