Sentec's Breeze RTOS Celebrates 7 millionth Deployment

Date Added: 09.03.2022
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Sentec's Breeze RTOS celebrates 7 millionth deployment

Breeze is a compact real-time microcontroller operating system (RTOS) for embedded systems. We are very pleased to announce that it has now been deployed it in over 7 million devices.

It is optimised for small footprint, low power and low data for embedded applications – ideal for battery-operated products. Product management benefits from its modular system design, allowing easy updates and changes, even after deployment.

Building a Breeze based system from a set of modular apps allows shorter development times. Each component is designed, tested, and reused independently of the target hardware platform. Breeze guarantees one specially designated application will be run, regardless of other processing loads; useful in situations when a core measurement or control function is essential to system operation.

Breeze is field-proven in many product families and is highly customisable.  It is fully supported by Sentec and is available for license.

Find out more at: or contact us at +44 (0)1223 303800

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