Date Added: 24.02.2020
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A few years ago, sustainable use of energy, water and materials was not a mainstream priority. Now these issues are becoming increasingly important, presenting key opportunities in our society.

Major topics for our clients include the sustainable use of electricity, either by improving efficiency of equipment and processes (such as motors and pumps) or by the introduction of advanced monitoring equipment to better predict usage and find areas for improvement. This trend will intensify over the next years, driven from both the regulatory side as well as end customer expectation.

An example are Smart Meters, currently being rolled out across Europe. These provide easy-to-access information on electricity consumption, helping both consumer and the utility. At their heart is highly sophisticated measurement technology and electronics, areas where Sentec has deep expertise.

In the water space, sustainability centres on the reduction of consumption and that of waste released to the environment. Sentec is proud to play a role in Xylem’s effort to provide a sustainable water network, with a focus on developing new technologies.  We foresee ongoing change in the water space driven by regulations such as EU directives, but also by increasing awareness among the public and subsequent pressure on water utilities. One way that Sentec supports our water clients’ effort in sustainability is to lower their equipment’s energy consumption, e.g. by helping them to improve their electrical designs or by reducing their energy footprint during manufacture.

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