Our team comes from all over the world, united by a love of using technology to solve real life problems.  

We work in an open plan office that encourages spontaneous interaction and collaboration within our different disciplines:


from low power, low cost to power electronics for drives and actuators.

Mechanical Design

from Proof of Concept to Design for Manufacture.


embedded firmware, IoT applications.

Fundamental Science

physicists develop custom solutions from fundamental principles.

Meet a Selection of Our Team

Mark England


Mark is a recognised expert in all aspects of metering and has been at Sentec for over 22 years, driving the company from start-up through to its current integration within Xylem.
With Mark’s leadership and technical knowledge, Sentec has developed a holistic understanding of the full product lifecycle, from conception through development, IP protection, manufacturing, and revenue growth. This allows Sentec to focus on solving the right problem, in the simplest way, with the appropriate technology. Invention only when necessary.
Capable of riding at up to 3.9W/kg he can be found on top of some of Europe's highest mountain passes. Equally at home on the flat country roads of Cambridge or the indoor E racing world of Zwift, Mark only has one speed – flat out!

Hilary Meanwell

Technical Director

Hilary is our Technical Director at Sentec and her expertise was recognised more widely within Xylem in 2021 becoming the second Chief Scientist in the entire company group. Hilary and our team of Physicists are the starting point for developing innovative products from first principles, using theory, modelling software and experimentation to ensure deep understanding of a problem before finding solutions. Sentec's Mechanical and Electronics teams then transform concepts into practical products. Brainstorms with multi-discipline teams are a key part of our innovation process - internally and together with clients.

Dave Healy

Senior Engineering Director

Dave is our Senior Engineering Director and has been with Sentec for over 16 years. As a physicist, Dave has been involved in the development of many of the successful products Sentec have developed, including the Sensus electricity, gas and water meters. With a wealth of expertise in flow modelling, electro-optics, lasers, meter manufacture and the metering standards, Dave brings a breadth of knowledge to Sentec.  Dave has also entered his 32nd season of competitive field hockey, so doesn’t walk upright until Tuesdays.

Joe Adam

Chief Engineer

Joe has been with Sentec for over 15 years after graduating from MIT and Cambridge University. Joe heads up our electronics team as our Principal Electronics Engineer in addition to his position of Chief Engineer within the Xylem Group. Joe’s team have been instrumental in designing electronics used in products made in the millions. Low power and wireless comms are specialities. As an accomplished bass player, this is Joe playing the oscilloscope.

Alex Frost

Principal Software Engineer

Alex is our Principal Software Engineer and has been with Sentec for over 10 years. Alex and team are responsible for much of the metrology code running on Sensus metering products. Alex uses 3 screens, 12 red keys and a degree from Cambridge.


Watermark is the name given to the Xylem charitable mission to provide and protect safe water resources for communities around the world and educate people about water issues. At Sentec every employee is offered 8 hours per year to work on water issues.

Our History


Spinout #3 Polatis


Spinout #6 Casient


Flow Sensor License


1 Millionth Electricity Meter


Gridkey Collaboration


1 Millionth Water Meter


Purchase by Sensus


Purchase by Xylem


5 Millionth Water Meter


7 Millionth Deployment of Breeze

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