We like to invent, develop, assess or cost reduce a wide variety of technologies, products or processes. We typically offer fixed price contracts with an agreed project scope. We break the project down into phases with clearly defined deliverables. Our approach is to mitigate the highest technical risks at the start, by testing out the key concepts early in the project. We use this strategy to minimise costs and risks.

We can develop bespoke technologies to meet your needs and we can help you with the resulting Intellectual Property to give you ultimate control. Alternatively, you can have access to our library of existing technology which we can license to you to help speed up developments.

We can evaluate existing technologies to inform investment or product roadmap decisions, or achieve product cost reduction through technical innovation.

Typical Work Packages

  • Technology Survey and Brainstorm
  • Proof of Principle
  • Product Development
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • EMC Doctor 
  • Technical Due Diligence

Our Facilities

  • Fully Equipped Development Lab
  • Multiphysics Modelling
  • EMC Pre-compliance Lab
  • Meter Test Rigs & Power Measurement
  • Rapid Prototyping & 3D CAD
  • Environmental Chambers

At Sentec, when considering a problem, we start by breaking it down and building it back up, often starting from the fundamental physics. Our goal is to generate solutions that may not originally have been envisioned – solutions that can be transformational!

We work closely with your project managers to ensure you are part of the process.

We use our labs to develop proof-of-principle (POP) prototypes to prove out the risk areas as simply and as quickly as possible.

With over 20 years of building POP prototypes for our clients, we often have relevant experience to help us move quickly.

Power Electronics -
Xylem Centre of Excellence

Our parent company, Xylem,  have selected Sentec’s Cambridge offices to base the headquarters of the ‘Power Electronics – Centre of Excellence’. As a result, sitting within our open plan office is a team of power electronics engineers with a portfolio of innovative products who are available as resources on consultancy work. The Power Electronics team’s expertise covers:

  • Power Electronics
  • Embedded Software
  • Thermal Management
  • Contract Manufacturing

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