Multi I Probe – AC/DC Multi-Conductor Current Sensor

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Sentec has developed a new technology called Multi I Probe for AC/DC that enables up to 5 simultaneous current measurements with a single probe. This low-cost technology can identify the core geometry of an unknown cable and measure its currents.

There are numerous applications for this technology, as shown in the following video Multi I Probe can be used and customized to work in different types of applications, including maintenance, installations, fault finding, retrofit motor condition monitoring, motor direction, pump/motor servicing, energy distribution, EV, and solar.

Multi I Probe Key Benefits:
  • Just clamp the Multi IProbe around your multicore cable
  • Measure all the currents simultaneously
  • Works with armoured cable
  • Fast, no need to separate the cores to gain access within the electric panel
  • Safe, no need for skilled electrician to install/use
  • No power interruption to stop the process using the multicore cable
 Multi I Probe Key features:
  • Platform technology for a range of products
  • High Bandwidth up to 100kHz.
  • Phase Data.
  • Accuracy up to +/- 1%
  • Immune to external fields

Ready to dive deeper into this groundbreaking technology? Watch the video and get in touch with us to explore the future of current measurement.


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