World Hydrogen Congress Exhibition

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Mon 09 October, 2023 - Fri 13 October, 2023
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We'd love to meet up if you are exhibiting or attending like us - please email us so we can arrange this. 

Sentec is thrilled to join World Hydrogen Week, where the spotlight shines on advancing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, optimizing the hydrogen value chain, and fostering innovative solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage, distribution, and versatile stationary and mobile applications.

We are also so pleased to see that there's a focus on DE&I, which mirror our own approach! 

At World Hydrogen Week, we are committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the hydrogen industry. We recognise the immense contribution women leaders make and their pivotal role in driving innovation and sustainability.
We proudly present a remarkable line-up of women speaker-led sessions at this year’s event. 

At Sentec our diverse teams have been developing a low-cost, retrofittable measurement technology which could enable the injection of low-carbon gases in the distribution network at the local level without the need for costly propanation. It will give instantaneous meaningful data in sync with gas mix changes without any more gas being vented to the atmosphere.

Please get in touch if you'd like more information.

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